My patients like the form-fitting nature of the EQUMEN™ shirts and the back/core support they offer, reminding them from a kinesthetic perspective to avoid slouching. Since posture is very cerebral in nature and requires physical corrections, the garment has the potential to be a great motor learning tool for patients, athletes and the general population alike. The technology is very unique, supporting the areas of the body that typically break down from a posture dimension and through repetitive overuse. When worn, the shirt's HELIX MAPPING™ permits somatic feedback directly to promote spinal and soft tissue alignment through virtually subliminal posture corrections.

Michael Zazzali, DSc.PT, OCS Certified Orthopaedic Specialist, Physical Therapy Associates of New York



EQUMEN™ Helix-Mapping™ Technology seamlessly builds in physiotherapy insights to deliver ergonomic results. See more details

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Look Your Best

Equmen model shots - look your best

Robert C. Haliburton
Toronto, Canada

I have already purchased 4 of the core precision singlet's, fantastic. I broke my back 12 years ago and this product has finally provided the relief that I have been looking for.

John Waters
The Sunday Times London

"I like the way it makes me feel tall and upright...and I do like the confidence boost of losing 3in off my waist."

Nigel Barnes
Models 1 Creative Director

"Having changed careers and becoming deskbound I began to slouch and experience lower back pain. Not anymore! These vests are amazing. I sit up straight without consciously thinking about it and my back pain has all but disappeared. "

Luke Carroll

"Being in front of the camera and up on stage requires a lot of confidence. Equmen certainly gives me the extra support I need. It's amazing - a sport top for every day."

Steven Lien
Under U 4 Men Director

"I'm really stoked that I like it! I'm at 195lbs and 6'1". I felt a level of confidence as soon as I put it on. The support is great and when working at the desk I felt it. I also had it on under a suit and tie for a photo, I was able to feel natural."

Fashion Editor
Men's Health

"I LOVED THE SHIRT! I wore it for a few hours and was surprised at how comfortable it was!"

Cultural Theorist

"We've become accustomed to accelerated improvements in technology, but it's amazing to see this kind of radical innovation applied to the once humble undershirt. It's a technological breakthrough that provides men with the means to re-structure and enhance both their inner perceptions and their outer representations of themselves in the physical world."

Jon West
Stroke Rehab Neuro-Physio Patient

"WOW! what a difference. The transformation in my left shoulder girdle was quite amazing. It was as if I had been strapped after a physio session without all the palaver and mess."

Jonathan Gibson
New York Businessman

"I can't lie, I love it. I wore it yesterday under my work shirt. It was warm, firm (not too tight), and gave great support. I feel like Robocop! "