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As a man, would you be seen in a mirdle?

A Mirdle (or Male Girdle) is exactly what it says. It is a girdle produced just for men who are looking to trim a few inches off their waistline. Everyone is a little vain, but at what point does your vanity make you want to wear a re-designed woman’ s girdle? We all want to look good but that doesn’ t mean that you should take it to extremes such as this!

Mirdle’ s are about the most unflattering item of underclothing that a man can wear, not to mention the shame of ever being seen with it on!

The internet is littered with pictures of men wearing Mirdle’ s. Search for that phrase and you will quickly understand! These are the sorts of pictures that do the rounds on e-mail that make everyone cringe or laugh, but ultimately, look away. People huddle around your desk trying to get a glimpse of someone who looks as though he is wrapped in bandages with unsightly bulges popping out here and there.

There is no time in his life that any man should ever put him through the shame of purchasing one of these items, God forbid he is ever actually seen with it! Can you imagine the first time your girlfriend ever saw you with one on? Any hope of passion would quickly fly straight out of the window, never to return. Sights like this burn themselves into the retina and cause mental scarring! Don’ t ever put yourselves though it. However, if you have already succumbed, all is not lost. There are still many uses for a Mirdle including waxing your car, shining your shoes or to help start the BBQ.

So what do you do if you want to look good, help your posture and, as a by-product, lose a little off the waist as well? What you will want are items of clothing that you would be happy being seen in, no matter where you are or what your circumstances.

Equmen do not manufacture Mirdles let us assure you of this. Equmen manufacture precision compression clothing that is designed to aid your posture as you go about your busy lives. This is physiotherapy for your body – a work out as you walk, train or are sitting down helping you maintain the posture that your body requires. Clothing designed for men, by men who understand that looking and feeling good needn’ t mean taking drastic measures!

One of the additional benefits of this compression technology is you are also able to trim a little off the mid section – but this is a t-shirt! It looks great you would be proud to be seen with this item of clothing on without anything over the top!

Would you do that in a Mirdle?

No, nor would we.



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